About Us

Rik Danielsen has been a gun enthusiast all of his life. He began making his own holsters in the 1980's when he purchased his first handgun--a Smith and Wesson 586. Later he began making holsters for his friends. In the last few years his holsters have become more and more popular so the logical next step was to start a business making holsters for others in the shooting community.

We are dedicated to providing the American shooter with the finest leather holsters and accessories possible. Our products are made in America for free people. We firmly believe that the freedom to keep and bear arms is foundational to all of the other freedoms we cherish in the U.S. Without the right to defend ourselves we are not guaranteed the right to free speech, freedom to worship, etc. Totalatarian governments have often stripped their citizens of their right to bear arms just before they stripped away their other rights.